Book 1

As Grace Hale does her best to forget the person she was and work on becoming a better person, not everyone is buying into the hype. Especially, Styx Reinhart.


As Styx Reinhart does his best to graduate and put Blackstone Prep Academy in his past, not everything is as simple as it should be. Especially, Grace Hale.

Book 2

As Sterling Hale does his best to mind his own business and keep the vultures at arm’s length, not everyone falls into that category. Especially, London Addison.


As London Addison does her best to keep herself from getting dragged under by everyone’s drama, not everything is as it seems. Especially, Sterling Hale.


Complete Duet

Reflections - Grace Hale & Styx Reinhart

Mirrors - Sterling Hale & London Addison