Book 1  (Free)

Mason Buchanan feels little emotion for people in general. So, when his eyes collide with a hazel gaze and his world stops, he'll stop at nothing to have her. Even if it means he could lose everything.


Shane Slaughter just wants her degree with a good-paying job. So, when Mason Buchanan barges into her life and takes over, up suddenly becomes down, and she has no idea what to do next.

Book 2

Aiden Buchanan loves women; absolutely adores them. However, when he meets Denise Hart and he starts feeling things he's never felt before, he goes after her with all the subtly of a freight train.


Denise Hart has done her best to always behave professionally. So, when she meets Aiden Buchanan, her attraction to him jeopardizes everything she's worked so hard for, and she just can’t allow that.


Book 3

Gabriel Buchanan has been in love with Justice Hillman all his life, but he never realized how his path to success has been an anchor of loneliness for her. However, he's realizing it now, and it's not good.


Justice Hillman has been in love with Gabriel Buchanan since she was sixteen-years-old, but that didn't mean Gabriel loved her back. She finally realizes it’s time to move on and find the love she craves.

Book 4

Michael Buchanan has spent his entire life looking for a woman who won’t run when his demons come out to play. Meeting Sophia Martella is a gift he never expected, and he's never going to let her go.


Sophia Martella was sure she'd die a virgin. I mean, who wants to sleep with the chubby weirdo? Oh, you know who? Michael Buchanan, that's who. So, what is she supposed to do now? Exactly!


Book 5

Mason and Shane are pregnant and she's about to pop any minute, and Mason can hardly wait. With everyone awaiting the arrival of the newest Buchanan, there’s one thing they can all agree on…


Though their main concern is for Shane and a healthy baby, watching Mason Buchanan freak the hell out is going to be entertaining as hell.

Complete Set


If You Could Only See - Mason Buchanan & Shane Slaughter

If You Could Only Imagine - Aiden Buchanan & Denise Hart

If You Could Only Feel - Gabriel Buchanan & Justice Hillman

If You Could Only Believe - Michael Buchanan & Sophia Martella

If You Could Only Dream - The birth of the newest Buchanan