What happens when spouses turn into roommates?


After fifteen years of marriage, Marcus and Emily Maxwell figure that if no one is complaining, then there mustn't be any problems in their marriage to complain about. She focuses on the good, and he focuses on her. So, no wonder they’re surprised when they find out they’ve both been wrong.

What happens when best friends become ex-best friends?


After years of being best friends, Callum Rosewood and Chloe Slater end up having a drunken one-night stand. What follows next is a surprise pregnancy, shotgun wedding, nightmare of a wedding night, and a bride and groom who hate each other. What else can possibly go wrong?


What happens when the boss ends up dead and no one is sad about it?


With the suspect pool including everyone that her boss has ever met, Callie Callows isn’t sure how much help she is when questioned by the police. Detective Theodore Marsden has a murder to solve, and he’s not going to let Callie Callows get in his way…no matter how good in bed she was.

What happens when the unimaginable happens?


With her family gone and a new world created from the ashes of a world war, Raine Tyler has fought her way to a new life in a new world that has left everyone bereft. Kade Montgomery is used to seeing the worst of humanity, but all that changes when he meets Raine Tyler. In fact, everything changes.

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Boxset - Four Stories

Unintentional - Marcus Maxwell & Emily Maxwell

My Big, Huge Mistake - Callum Rosewood & Chloe Slater

Purgatory, Inc. - Theodore Marsden & Callie Callows

An Unexpected Life - Kade Montgomery & Raine Tyler

Fallon Reese is holding on by a thread. Harassed by a stalker, she finds herself in a situation of fight or flight. Still, it's not an easy decision to make when you don’t know where the threat is coming from.


Xander Raynes never expected to find himself in a situation straight out of a movie script. He's faced with the choice to help or walk away. However, he soon realizes that it's not really a choice at all.


If you ask Henley Everhart who are the biggest cheaters, she’ll tell you that men cheat more than women do. She’s wrong, but don’t tell her that when she’s seriously man hating right now.


If you ask Dash Weston who are the biggest cheaters, he’ll tell you that women cheat more than men do. He’s wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from opening his big mouth.

Sia Meadows knows enough about humiliation to know that she’d rather avoid it if she can. However, when a key player in one of the worst nights of her life won’t go away, Sia’s left with little choice.


Archer Bentley can’t help but feel sorry for the sweet thing that got humiliated at the party he was at, but he’s also thankful she did. With the boyfriend out of the picture now, Archer’s got a shot.


Devi Westland has run out of options, and what had begun as a simple arrangement has turned into a disaster that she isn’t equipped to deal with. Still, Devi better find a way, or it’ll only get worse.


Cassius Sire wasn’t anybody’s hero, but that all changed when a hypnotizing gaze hit him straight below the belt. Not caring about the odds, Cassius will do anything to protect what’s his.


Boxset - Four Stories

Real Shadows - Xander Raynes & Fallon Reese

You Again - Dash Weston & Henley Everhart

Merry Christmas to Me - Archer Bentley & Sia Meadows

Dealing with the Devil - Cassius Sire & Devi Westland


Roxanne Rafferty’s life is a good one, despite being deaf. However, her peaceful and uneventful high school existence is upended when Royce Cameron comes barreling into her life.


Royce Cameron’s life is a great one, and he knows it. However, his shining and exciting high school existence is missing something, and that something is Roxanne Rafferty.

Kimberly Gallagher was no stranger to romantic disappointment, but that still didn’t keep her from trying. However, online dating takes a whole other turn with the help of Jace Russell.


Jace Russell wasn’t jaded, even though it might seem as if he was. However, if there’s one thing that he’s learned from Kimberly Gallagher’s online dating experiences, it’s that online dating sucked.


Collins Armstrong will do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how much her pride and dignity may need to suffer. However, she was not prepared for Evander Kendrick or his thick…uh, wallet.


Evander Kendrick was used to getting his way, no matter who he had to crush to make things happen for him. However, he’s in for the biggest fight of his life when he meets Collins Armstrong.

Skylar McKay wasn’t a shy wallflower that only believed in fairy tales. She also believed in those naughty romances that you couldn’t read in public. Landen Rush was in for the surprise of his life.


Landen Rush wasn’t big on fragile females. He was a roughneck that wasn’t good at dealing with delicate sensibilities. Little did he know that Skylar McKay was far from fragile.


Boxset - Four Stories

The Loudest Love - Royce Cameron & Roxanne Rafferty

Kimmy & The World of Dating - Jace Russell & Kimberly Gallagher

The Right Price - Evander Kendrick & Collins Armstrong

Work Benefits - Landen Rush & Skylar McKay

Eight drunken friends find their destinies in the unbelievable prediction of a Las Vegas psychic palm reader, though none of them believe it...at first.


One year and eight holidays later, it seems as if Madam Brousseau knew what she was talking about, and their soulmates really were right under their noses.

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