Book 1 (Free)

They called him The Holy Ghost for a reason. As the Benetti Crime Family’s number one hitman, Phoenix Fiore was an unseen killer. His only weakness? Francesca Mancini, the love of his life.


Forced to return home, Francesca Mancini wasn’t prepared for what was waiting for her, though she really should have been. Her greatest regret? Phoenix Fiore, the love of her life.

Book 2

They called him The Son for a reason. As the Benetti Crime Family’s number one enforcer, Ciro Mancini was the nightmare you never wanted to meet. Roberta Regal learns that the hard way.


Forced into a situation beyond her control, Roberta Regal wasn’t prepared for the fight on her hands, though she shouldn’t have been surprised. Her greatest regret? Ciro Mancini coming into her life.


Book 3

They called him The Father for a reason. As the Benetti Crime Family’s youngest Underboss ever, Luca Benetti was as fearless as he was brutal. His only weakness? Not a goddamn thing.


Forced into fight or flight, Remy Christian wasn’t prepared for the dark turn her life was going to take. How could anyone be? Her greatest regret? Luca Benetti darkening her doorstep.

Book 4

For twelve years, Nico Rossi has worked for the Benetti Crime Family and Mia Gallo has been his assignment for those entire twelve years. Now it’s time to make her more.


For twelve years, Mia Gallo has done her best to lead a normal life and make her brother proud, despite their early childhoods. Now it’s time for do something for herself.


Complete Set

The Holy Ghost - Phoenix Fiore & Francesca Mancini

The Son - Ciro Mancini & Roberta Regal

The Father - Luca Benetti & Remy Christian

The Redemption - Nico Rossi & Mia Gallo


Luca Saveria Fiore grew up with no tolerance for acts of betrayal. So, when she finds herself on the receiving end of what she feels is the very definition of betrayal, she comes out swinging.


Francisco Phoenix Benetti grew up knowing loyalty was everything. So, when he finds himself in a position where he has to prove he's trustworthy, he'll stop at nothing to make that happen.


Book 1

As the Benetti Crime Family’s youngest son, Leonardo Benetti’s hands don’t get as dirty as his brothers’ hands do, but they’ve gotten blood on them plenty of times. Something Sienna Conti doesn’t realize yet.


When a flat tire brings her the man of her dreams, Sienna Conti can’t imagine life getting any better. However, that dream becomes a nightmare when she learns just who Leonardo Benetti really is.

Book 2

As the Benetti Crime Family’s bloodthirsty son, Salvatore Benetti’s hands are usually covered in blood, and he enjoyed the color red very much. Something Blake Turner was coming to realize.


When she gets caught up with the Benettis, Blake Turner’s life flashes before her eyes because nothing good can come out of tangling with any Benetti. Especially, when that Benetti is Salvatore Benetti.


Complete Duet

The Bishop - Leonardo Benetti & Sienna Conti

The Cardinal - Salvatore Benetti & Blake Turner

Book 1 (Free)

War was coming, but that was perfectly okay. Vincent Fiore was more than prepared for what was to come. However, he hadn’t been prepared to go toe-to-toe with Cira Benetti.


The stakes were high, but certainly welcomed. Cira Benetti wasn’t scared of risks or danger. She’s been immersed in both since birth. However, she never imagined Vincent Fiore would be a risk.


Book 2

War is coming, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t ready for it. Sal Benetti Jr. had been raised to be ready for anything. However, he hadn’t been ready for what Camilla Mancini was about to do.


The stakes were high, but they always were. Camilla Mancini never shied away from a challenge, and she was always set on winning. However, when did Sal Benetti Jr. start to become a challenge?

Book 3

War was coming, but that was nothing new. Emilio Benetti has been tasting the blood of his enemies for years, so he was ready. However, Bianca Mancini was distracting him a little more than he’d like.


The stakes were high, but so were the rewards. Bianca Mancini couldn’t wait to show what she was capable of, what she was proud of. However, Emilio Benetti was casting a slight shadow on her joy.


Book 4

War was coming, but it wasn’t like he was scared. Angelo Benetti had nerves of steel and enough courage for a thousand men. However, Georgia Mancini was something he never saw coming.


The stakes were high, but the gamble was worth it. Georgia Mancini was determined to fight alongside the rest of the family, no matter what. However, she ends up fighting with Angelo Benetti instead.

Book 5

War was coming, but it was personal this time around. Dante Fiore was a killer of the worst kind. Some said he had no soul. However, there was one thing that he did care about: Malia Benetti.


The stakes were high, but everyone already knew that. Malia Benetti knew it better than most, though. Knowing what she was dealing with, she could only pray. However, praying wasn’t going to be enough.


Book 6

Ready to move on to the next phase of her life, Mattia Mancini is more than eager to prove herself as the next Holy Ghost. However, she didn’t know that Remo Vitale was going to be one of her tests.


With nothing left to lose, Remo Vitale is left to roll with the punches and adjust to his new life. However, there’s no adjusting to Mattia Mancini. At least, not if he wants to continue living.

Complete Set

Vincent & Cira - Vincent Fiore & Cira Benetti

Sal Jr. & Camilla - Salvatore Benetti Jr. & Camilla Mancini

Emilio & Bianca - Emilio Benetti & Bianca Mancini

Angelo & Georgia - Angelo Benetti & Georgia Mancini

Dante & Malia - Dante Fiore & Malia Benetti

Mattia & Remo - Mattia Mancini & Remo Vitale


Book 1 (Free)

The enemy was coming, but it wasn’t like it’d be the first time. Massimo Mancini was ready, never afraid to get his hands bloody. However, the stakes were higher now with Silvia Amato in the picture.


This fight was different from the rest, but that was okay. Silvia Amato wasn’t afraid of a good fight, especially if it was for the greater good. However, Massimo Mancini just upped the ante.

Book 2

The enemy was coming, but it wasn’t like it’d be the first time. Christos Benetti had been raised to expect the unexpected. However, he sure as hell had never expected on meeting Six Youngblood.


This fight was different from the rest, but that was okay. Six Youngblood was too invested not to see it through. However, she gets a bit derailed when Christos Benetti comes crashing into the picture.


Book  3

The enemy was coming, but it wasn’t like it’d be the first time. Antonio Benetti didn’t fear much; no one in his family did. However, the game changes when Lottie Delaware becomes a surprise patient of his.


This fight was different from the rest, but that was okay. Lottie Delaware always fought hard for the underdog. However, she should have minded her own business when Antonio Benetti got involved.

Book 4

The enemy was coming, but it wasn’t like it’d be the first time. Daniel Benetti wasn’t surprised or worried, though. However, things become a little more complicated with Cora Russo at his side.


This fight was different from the rest, but that was okay. Cora Russo was pretty sure she had it all under control since she was used to chaos. However, there was chaos and then there was Daniel Benetti.


Book 5

The enemy was coming, but it wasn’t like it’d be the first time. Matteo Benetti was more than ready for what was to come. However, he hadn’t expected his biggest challenge to be Ivory Madison.


This fight was different from the rest, but that was okay. Ivory Madison had the backbone of ten men, so she wasn’t scared in the least. However, Matteo Benetti was turning everything upside down.

Complete Set

Massimo - Massimo Mancini & Silvia Amato

Christos - Christos Benetti & Six Youngblood

Antonio - Antonio Benetti & Lottie Delaware

Daniel - Daniel Benetti & Cora Russo

Matteo - Matteo Benetti & Ivory Madison