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Life seemed perfect for Grace Hale until she developed a conscience and nothing became more important than righting her past wrongs, no matter how painful. Styx Reinhart wasn't interested in reliving the past, nor was he looking to grant anyone any forgiveness. However, that would be easier said than done if he wasn't still in love with the only girl that has ever broken his heart.


Life seemed perfect for Sterling Hale until he gets blinded by the one thing that he hadn't ever seen coming, not even in his wildest dreams. London Addison played by her own rules and wasn't interested in playing any games that she couldn't win. However, when it becomes clear that no one is playing games anymore, she's has to decide if the prize is really worth the risk.

The Blackstone Prep Academy Duet

The Blackstone Prep Academy Duet is a collective of books about a set of twins and how there is more to them than just their money, status, and power. When they finally meet the two people that aren't afraid to challenge them, it changes everything.

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