Book 1 (Free)

Lyrical Rodgers always thought honesty was the best policy and, usually, it is. However, not so much when you discover the man you just cussed out is NOT your neighbor, but the owner of your building.


Nixon St. James is not used to getting cussed out by random females. Usually, it's a female he knows, and he deserves it. But, man, oh man, does he want to get to know his feisty, little tenant.

Book 2

Alice Rodgers has always been a good girl. She goes to work, minds her business, and means no harm. However, when her new boss won’t take no for an answer, things get a little trickier.


Lincoln St. James felt attracted to Alice from the moment he met her. However, now that she's being sexually harassed by her new boss, it’s time to step up. There's no way he's going to let that slide.


Book 3

Rena Salinger’s not opposed to relationships, she's just happy being her. That is, until her best friend gets married and Rena starts salivating over her best friend's newest extended family.


Jackson St. James loves sex, but could take it or leave it, rather than deal with gold-diggers or stage-five clingers. Still, when Jackson's introduced to his new sister-in-law's best friend, sex is back on the table.

Complete Set


How to Stay Out of Prison - Nixon St. James & Lyrical Rodgers

How to Keep Your Job - Lincoln St. James & Alice Rodgers

How to Maintain Your Sanity - Jackson St. James & Rena Salinger