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How to Stay Out of Prison: A Modern-Day Woman's Guide

All that Lyrical Rodgers wanted was a simple life; no fuss, no muss. However, after she mistakes her landlord for a rude neighbor, she ends up with a whole lot of fuss and muss. Life was full of headaches for Nixon St. James, but nothing like the one that he encounters when one of his tenants accuses him of being a gay gigolo. Yeah, good times.


How to Keep Your Job: A Modern-Day Woman's Guide

All that Alice Rodgers wanted was to do good in the world; no worries or stress. However, when her sister's brother-in-law finds out that she's being harassed at work, she ends up with bigger problems. Life was a breeze for Lincoln St. James, but when the woman of his dreams comes to him for some advice, his solution is simple. Yeah, who doesn't love a fake relationship?


How to Maintain Your Sanity: A Modern-Day Woman's Guide

All that Rena Salinger wanted was for her mother to back off; the woman meddled. However, when her mother has her practically engaged to a family friend, Rena gets desperate. Life is relatively easy for Jackson St. James, but that quickly changes when he's recruited to help out a friend that he doesn't think of as a friend at all. Yeah, gotta love complications.


The How To: Series

The How To: Series is a collective of books about three brothers that are blindsided by three women that they never saw coming. With each woman fighting them tooth and nail at every turn, it's anyone's guess who'll come out the winner.

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