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His to Own

Brett Colter was an ex-Marine and dedicated police officer that came from a great family, but even as much as he tried to be a good man, he still had a lot of regrets in his life. Addie Tilda was tired of being the town's punching bag, and she longed to leave Carmel Springs to start over. Still, just when she thinks that she's ready to finally leave, everything changes when the unthinkable happens.

His to Protect

Trayce Colter was a security expect and ex-Marine, and though he could have done anything with his life, he loved his family too much to ever leave Carmel Springs for good. Arden Bellamy was nothing if not determined, and she was determined to carve out a new life for herself. Still, when she overestimates her abilities to do it all herself, she learns that you can still be independent while accepting help.

His to Cherish

Keats Colter was a security expert and ex-Marine, and along with his twin, he owned the best security firm in the state, though their home was Carmel Springs. Poppy Dream was running from her past and determined to start over, no matter how hard it might be. Still, when she finds herself in over her head with an exploding bakery, she didn't realize that it also came with a knight in shining armor.

His to Keep

Jax Colter is an ex-Marine and a rookie with the Carmel Springs PD, and being back home with his family makes for the perfect life as far as he's concerned. Layne Kendall was happy with her life, only returning to her hometown to help her parents out for a while. Still, while she's planning only a short visit before getting back to her life, things don't quite go as planned when she comes face-to-face with her past.

His to Win

Maxwell Colter was a security expert and ex-Marine, and though more serious than his brothers, he still knew how to enjoy life and loved living in Carmel Springs. Rogue Santana was starting over after having been screwed over by her last business partner, and she was thankful for this new opportunity. Still, she gets way more than she bargained for when her new client is more than he seems.

His to Love

Clayton Colter was an ex-Marine and veteran cop with the Carmel Springs PD, and used to being the eldest of five, he always has his hands full, though he wouldn't change his life for the world. Stevie Whitley was the newest cop in town, and with a chip on her shoulder, she had a lot to prove. Still, when she meets her new brothers-in-blue, she's in for the biggest surprise of her life.

The Carmel Springs Series: The Colters

The Carmel Springs Series: The Colters is a collective of books about five brothers in the quaint town of Carmel Springs and the women that come into their lives, disrupting their nice, quiet, uneventful lives. Welcome to the town of Carmel Springs.

His Need for Her

Bennett Campion was happy working with his brothers at Campion Construction and living his quiet life in Carmel Springs, no drama in sight. Winter Bellamy was running from a nightmare, and all she's trying to do is run fast enough to make sure that it never catches up with her. However, when she can no longer run any further, she realizes that she doesn't have to anymore.

His Desire for Her

Zale Campion was too serious by half, but when you ran your own business with your three brothers, someone had to takes things seriously, even in Carmel Springs. Effie Rose was a quirky bit of goods, but she refused to let it get her down, despite how harshly she was judged. However, moving to a new town proves to be the best decision that she'd ever made, second to getting a new dog.

His Craving for Her

Quest Campion was a man that chose to count his blessings rather than drown in his regrets, and living in Carmel Springs and working with his brothers were blessings indeed. Riker Ines was a woman that lived in regret and had secrets that would burden even the strongest people. However, there's no hiding her secrets anymore when a quick trip back home unravels everything.

His Love for Her

Ransom Campion was living the dream as his love life thrived and as the business that he owned with his three brothers was booming in their hometown of Carmel Springs. Bexley Robins was happy with her life, though she could use some help in the love department, something that she was working on. However, when a huge misunderstanding arises, fireworks begin to go off in all different directions.

The Carmel Springs Series; The Campions

The Carmel Springs Series: The Campions is a collective of books about four brothers that get more than they bargained for when the women in their lives turn out to be a lot more stubborn than expected. Welcome to Carmel Springs.

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