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The Heavier the Chains...

When Kenzlee Mitchell's life is turned upside down, she refuses to let the weight of her circumstances keep her down, even as things get worse. Talon Draven didn't have time for distractions when his plate was already full, so the last thing that he needs is to be attracted to the new girl at school. Still, none of that matters when their chemistry ends up shadowing everything else.


The Heavier the Doubt...

When Alexandria Grant's life sends her to the college of her dreams, nothing can get her down, and she's never been more excited. Hunter Finely hadn't ever planned on going to college, but when he does, he doesn't end up there alone, and falling in love was the last thing that he had expected. Still, things only get more complicated when the unthinkable happens.


The Heavier the Guilt...

When Edie Draven's life finally has some breathing room after her older brother goes to college, she's ready to finally cut loose and have some fun. Lars Finley has always been a loyal friend, so he has no problem looking out for his best friend's little sister, even if she doesn't appreciate his efforts. Still, everything changes when feelings begin to enter the fray.


The Heavier Series

The Heavier Series is a collective of books about six friends that find themselves in situations that they never saw coming. Though young, there's nothing young about the curveballs that life throws their way, and it'll take a lot of commitment and determination to get through it all. 

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