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Raven King was an NFL wide receiver, and though he'd done his best to leave his childhood behind him, it always seems to still catch up with him. Esme Daley liked her quiet life, and she wasn't interested in nothing more than living happily. Nevertheless, when she's forced to conduct an interview with the famed football player, her quiet life is no more and it only gets worse.


Sebastian Havoc was an MLB catcher with stats that are making him a legend, and his life would be perfect if he could just get the girl that he loves to love him back. Nova Knight lived a very blessed life, and she did her best to appreciate all that she'd been given. Nevertheless, when a charity event leads to a date with the guy that she's always had a crush on, life takes an unexpected turn.


Orion Knight was an NBA phenom point guard, and with his friends at his side and his sister finally finding her happily-ever-after, his life was perfect in every way. Sinclair Hansen liked her life just the way it was and wasn't looking for any complications. Nevertheless, when she's assigned to a new client that needs some physical therapy, she gets nothing but complications.


Titan Miller was an MLS forward that was arguably the best in the entire league, and his off-field antics were also legendary, and he was proud of it. Lux Leland was a glutton for punishment, because that was the only reason to ever choose public relations as a career. Nevertheless, even with all her hard-earned experience, nothing could have ever prepared her for her newest client.


Atlas Braylon was an NHL goalie superstar, and though you'd never be able to tell by his gruff personality, he's very aware of how blessed he is. Waverly Stewart was a free spirit that wasn't afraid of hard work or trying new things, allowing her a colorful life. Nevertheless, when she crosses path with the city's ice gods, that free spirit of hers is tested to the limit.

The Sports Quintet Series

The Sports Quintet Series is a collective of books about five life-long friends that are blessed enough to have all their dreams come true, even the ones that they hadn't known about. Luckily for them, they find the women that are absolutely perfect for them.

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