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The Holy Ghost

When Francesca Mancini is called back home after six years, she thinks it's only temporary and has every intention of returning to her current life. Phoenix Fiore has been biding his time for six years, and now that everything is finally coming together, he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Even so, that doesn't mean that he's not going to be in for the fight of his life.

The Son.

When Roberta Regal befriended Francesca Mancini, she never imagined that she'd find herself mixed up with the Mafia, but she is and has no idea what to do about it. Ciro Mancini has always done things his way, and he has no intentions of letting his sister's new friend get in the way of that. Even so, things don't go quite as planned when he discovers that she's got secrets.

The Father

When Remy Christian decides to walk home after her car breaks down, she finds herself witnessing a crime that sends her running for her life. Luca Benetti doesn't make mistakes, so when he finally makes his first one, there's only one way to deal with a witness, something that he knows how to do well. Even so, when his witness becomes more, it changes all the rules of the game.

The Redemption

When Mia Gallo is saved by the Benetti Crime Family at the age of eight, her loyalty to them is solidified, never judging her brother for working for them. Nico Rossi has been in love with his charge for as long as he can remember, but he also knows that as one of The Son's favorite, she's off-limits. Even so, when he finds out that Mia feels the same way, The Holy Trinity's wrath is one that he's will to face.

The Holy Trinity Series

The Holy Trinity Series is a collective of books about three childhood friends that rise up to rule the Benetti Crime Family and control everything around them. What they're not expecting is the women that end up turning their entire world upside down with a determination that impresses them all.


The Bishop

Leonardo Benetti is the youngest son of the Benetti Crime Family, and he was just as smart as he was ruthless, though he was considered the 'nice' brother. Sienna Conti lived a relatively normal life, which was fine since that's all that she's ever wanted anyway. However, when a kind stranger changes her flat tire for her, that relatively normal life that she had becomes no more.

The Cardinal

Salvatore Benetti is the middle son of the Benetti Crime Family, and he was also considered the family's most prolific psychopath, his interrogations legendary. Blake Turner did her best to mind her own business, despite having a sister that was in constant trouble. However, when she finds herself running to the rescue again, she ends up dealing with way more than what she'd been expecting.

The Holy Trinity Duet

The Holy Trinity Duet is a collective of books about the two younger brothers of the Benetti Crime Family and the two women that they never saw coming. When two opposite worlds unexpectedly collide, it becomes clear why Morgan City will always belong to the Benettis.


The Vatican (Next Generation Standalone)

Francisco Benetti is the reigning prince of the Benetti Crime Family, and he's always known and has always done exactly what's been expected of him. Saveria Fiore would be the heir to the Benetti Crime Family if only she'd been born a Benetti, something that everyone knew. Still, when a family secret finally comes to light, no one is prepared for the fallout, or how damaging the repercussions. 

Vincent & Cira

Vincent Fiore was the eldest of the next Benetti Crime Family generation, and when outsiders threaten the family, it's time to rise and show Morgan City just what they can do. Cira Benetti was the only daughter to the Benetti Don, and much to everyone's dismay, she acted like it. Still, when it finally comes time to handle business, they end up with bigger problems than just their enemies.

Sal Jr. & Camilla

Salvatore Benetti Jr. was the eldest son of the bloodiest Benetti son, and he wasn't afraid to do whatever it took to showcase his skills to those that deserved it. Camilla Mancini knew what it was like to be raised by one of the best enforcers in the business, so she wasn't afraid of a little blood. Still, when they finally get the chance to work together, things become a lot more complicated than originally believed.

Emilio & Bianca

Emilio Benetti was a Benetti prince, and having been raised by the deadliest man in the state, he knew exactly what was expected of him when necessary. Bianca Mancini was one of the best marksmen in the state, and she was proud of her skills, as she should be. Still, as they work together to avenge the family, a momentary lapse in judgement comes back to haunt them mercilessly.

Angelo & Georgia

Angelo Benetti was raised to know his place in the world, and with a last name as powerful has his, there wasn't anything that he couldn't do. Georgia Mancini had enough confidence for an army, and she was tired of not being able to prove just what all she was capable of. Still, she gets in way over her head when she decides to take the indicative, making a certain someone have to step in and take charge.

Dante & Malia

Dante Fiore was the youngest son of The Holy Ghost, and though loved unconditionally, it was also no secret that he was a sociopath that everyone was wary of. Malia Benetti was the exception to the rule when it came to the Benetti Crime Family, making her an angel living in Hell. Still, because she has the love of the deadliest demon around, when her life is threatened, no one is safe from the consequences.

Mattia & Remo

Mattia Mancini was one of the best silent killers in the business, her body count as impressive as her family's name, wealth, power, and status. Remo Vitale lived his life on the edge, and wasn't afraid to make the tough decisions and do what needed to be done. Still, when he's given a second chance to save himself, he takes it easily, not realizing that it could be the deadliest decision of his life.

The Holy Trinity Next Generation Series: 1

The Holy Trinity Next Generation Series 1 is a collective of books about the next generation of Benettis, Fiores, and Mancinis. When someone dares threatens their family, it's time to rise up and show their parents exactly what they're capable of, and they do it exactly like they'd been raised to. 



Massimo Mancini was the only son to deadliest enforcer of the Benetti Crime Family, though he had a law degree that he paraded around in the guise of respectability. Silvia Amato was the newest attorney in Morgan City, and she was good at her job, excited for the new chapter in her life. Still, when she gets a crash course who really runs the city, she's in for a surprise that she never saw coming.


Christos Benetti was a Benetti, and that really should say it all when it came to the anyone that's ever heard of his last name, despite his respectable law degree. Six Youngblood was a crusader for those that couldn't protect themselves, and she doesn't regret that part of herself at all. Still, when her next quest for justice puts her in the path of a Benetti, she still has no choice but to do the right thing.


Antonio Benetti was as part of the Benetti Crime Family as the rest of his siblings and cousins, though his involvement was camouflaged by his medical license. Lottie Delaware lived an uneventful life, but she was always willing to help out a friend in need. Still, that loyalty gets her in some serious trouble when she finds herself embroiled in a mess that no sane person would ever want to be in.


Daniel Benetti was as loyal as they came, and despite the medical degree that hung on his office wall, his loyalty was to his family, something that was unquestionable. Cora Russo was a dedicated nurse, and she was good at what she did, only wanting to help people. Still, most sane people would question her judgement when she decides to get involve with the one man that threatened everything that she was.


Matteo Benetti was all about doing what was best for his family, even if people thought he was an upstanding citizen because of his law degree. Ivory Madison was a shark in the courtroom, and there wasn't afraid to live life to the fullest. Still, even though she's more than capable of handling herself, when she's threatened, she quickly finds out that she's not in this alone, something that she hadn't expected.


The Holy Trinity Next Generation Series: 2

The Holy Trinity Next Generation Series 2 is a collective of books about the next generation of Benettis, Fiores, and Mancinis. When they discover that corruption is trying to take down everything that they've ever built, the don't hesitate to show the citizens of Morgan City just who they really are.


Embracing the Enemy (Next Generation Standalone Crossover)

Posie Tinley has a past that she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy, but though years of hard work and determination, she's a lot stronger for it. Killian Warrick was not quite the generous philanthropist that the world saw, his dark secrets hidden well. However, when he comes across the one woman that he can't stay away from, those dark secrets come to light, changing everything.

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