A quick explanation about my books and my writing...If I am writing a series, I will publish all the books in that series at the same time. So, if you buy one of my books, but you cannot find any other books in relation to the supporting characters, that means it is a standalone. Now, with The Enemy Series, The Enemy Duet, and The Holy Trinity Series, I had enough requests for additional books, that I accommodated those requests. Also, if I'm in the middle of a standalone project, and a series forms in my head, I will publish the first book solo, but the remaining books will be published at the same time (example; The Pieces Series and The Problem Series).

In the Works for 2021

Almost finished with The Holy Trinity Next Generation Series.

Will begin my new fantasy duet, The Rykr Duet.

Will finish up with The Order of the Cronos Series.

Will begin work on The Sports Quintet Series.

Will begin The Enemy Next Generation Series.

Series (Grouped in Order)