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Book Series

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The Enemy Duet


When your childhood tormentor comes back into your life, you never imagine that it's to blackmail you into a relationship. However, that's exactly what Damien Greystone III does when he waltzes back into Fiona Eldstead's life. What happens when the past collides with the present? A love story that no one saw coming.

When you have a one-night stand with something that you're still not sure is the enemy or not, you never imagine that he might want more. However, that's exactly what William Creston expects when he reunites with Victoria McGrath. What happens when two people want different things? A battle of the sexes on steroids.

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The Deadly Seven Sins Series


The plan had been to just go out, drink, dance, mingle, and hopefully find a hot guy to make all their sexiest fantasies come true. For Avery Ellis, Quinn Erickson, and Isabella DeLucci, it seemed like a sound plan. Their bosses showing up to the same club had definitely not been in the plans.

The plan had been to have a few drinks, regroup, alleviate some stress, and maybe meet a hot woman to help with alleviating some of that stress. For Nicholas Savage, Chase Alexander, and Julian Moretti, the plan had sounded perfect. Finding three of their employees at the same clue changed everything though.

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The Enemy Series


Money, power, status, and fearlessness make for a lethal combination that would make anyone wary. However, Emerson Andrews, Roselyn Bell, Delaney Martin, and Ava hill aren't just anybody. It all starts when Emerson Andrews shows everyone just how much she doesn't care about money, power, status, and if anyone is fearless, it's her.

Money, power, status, and fearlessness are the norm for most of the citizens of Sands Cove. However, Ramsey Reed, Liam McCellan, Deke Marlow, and Ace McIntire are at the top of that lethal food chain. It all starts when Ramsey Reed is confronted with the one girl on the planet that isn't smart enough to be afraid of him.


The Enemy Next Generation (1) Series


The powerful apples don't fall far from the tree when the next generation of Reeds, McCellans, Marlows, and McIntires start to show the world just what they're made of. Learning from the best, these kids aren't ones to shy away from a challenge, and they definitely aren't ones to lose them, either.

The stakes are higher than ever before when each on one of them meets their match and it's game on. Raised to take no prisoners, lines are crossed that can't be uncrossed, but all's fair in love and war, right? Determined to win at all costs, it's no wonder when you consider who their parents are.


The Enemy Next Generation (2) Series


Carrying on a legacy that's been hard-earned, the youngest Reeds, McCellans, Marlows, and McIntires are definitely making their parents proud. Like the rest of the family, they're not afraid to go after what they want, and they sure as hell aren't afraid of anything that might stand in their way. In fact, they're not afraid of anything.

Always ready to take on any challenge thrown their way, things become a lot more interesting when a few people get caught in their crosshairs. However, things take a dark turn when someone crosses the line and does the unthinkable. When anger, hate, power, and revenge all come together, the results are unimaginable.


An Enemy Series Standalone & An Enemy/Holy Trinity Standalone Crossover


When Lake Warren lands on Ramsey Reed Jr.'s radar, she finds herself caught up in something that she's not prepared for or capable of handling. When Ramsey Reed Jr.'s finds himself obsessed with Lake Warren, he's determined to do whatever it takes to make her his, no matter the cost.

When Posie Tinley finds herself at a crossroads, she ends up choosing a path that should scare the hell of her; however, it doesn't. When Killian Warrick finds out secrets about Posie Tinley that he has no business knowing, he can't wait to find out more. He also determined to be the hero that she never knew she needed.


The Buchanan Brothers Series


Love at first sight happens. All you have to do is ask Mason Buchanan and his brothers, Aiden, Gabriel and Michael to know this is true. Rich, power, good-looking, and determined, when these four brothers finally meet the women that will change their lives forever, there's nothing that they won't do to secure the greatest victories of their lives.

Nothing could have prepared Shane Slaughter, Denise Hart, Justice Hillman, or Sophia Martella for the Buchanan brothers. I mean, no one in their right minds believed in love at first sight, right? However, they find out the hard way that Mason, Aiden, Gabriel, and Michael do, and that's when things really get complicated.


The How To: Series


Life doesn't always go as planned, something that Lyrical Rodgers, Alice Rodgers, and Rena Salinger know very well. With people always testing you, jail is a real possibility. Losing your job and sanity are very real possibilities, too. So. the last thing that they need is love coming into their lives and turning it upside down even more.

One thing that the St. James brothers aren't afraid of? A challenge. Nixon is a real estate mogul, Lincoln is one of the country's top criminal attorneys, and Jackson is a renown pediatric doctor, so challenges come with the territory. However, nothing is ever easy when you throw headstrong females into the mix.


The Heavier...Series


The Heavier the already available and free. The Heavier the Doubt and The Heavier the Guilt coming in 2023.


The Holy Trinity Series


The time has come for a new king, and with Phoenix Fiore and Ciro Mancini at his side, that's exactly what happens when Luca Benetti makes the move to become the head of the Benetti Crime Family. Though he isn't worried about cementing his place as the head of the family, women have a way of complicating things.

No woman in her right mind would ever want to date someone in the Mafia, but some women find that they don't have a choice. Francesca Mancini, Roberta Regal, and Remy Christian are among those women, and thing only get worse when their safety is compromised and the Benettis come out in full force.


The Holy Trinity Duet


Now that there's a new king ruling the underground world of Morgan City, Salvatore and Leonardo Benetti are standing right there with him. As Luca Benetti's brothers, they are powerful in their own right, and what they bring to the family can't be outmatched. The only thing they hadn't seen coming were the two women that would knock them on their asses.

You couldn't live in Morgan City and not know who the Benettis were. Well, Sienna Conti was new to town, and Blake Turner had no choice but to fall on their radar. When nothing could have prepared them for getting involved with a Benetti, they definitely were never prepared to see a Benetti in action.


The Holy Trinity Next Generation (1) Series


When you're born a Benetti, Fiore, or Mancini, your life's path has already been mapped out for you. Knowing their rightful place in the world, the next generation of Benettis are right on track to take over for their parents one day. With brutality and fearlessness running through their veins, there's nothing that they can't do.

Nevertheless, everything changes when someone comes after one of their own, and it's the perfect time for the older generation to finally step back and let the newer generation show them what they're really made of. More than ready for the challenge, things take a strange turn when love enters the picture.


The Holy Trinity Next Generation (2) Series


It doesn't matter that you've chosen respectable careers in law and medicine, if you're a Benetti, Fiore, or Mancini, your loyalty is never in questioned. Though they do their best to keep their hands blood-free, a little blood never bothered any of them. In fact, they enjoyed getting their hands dirty from time to time.

So, when the younger generation of the Benetti Crime Family find themselves in the middle of Morgan City's corruption scam, no one is surprised when they eagerly step up to find out what's going on. However, when the real reason behind the corruption comes to light, it becomes personal, and the family is more than ready to make an example out of its enemies.


A Holy Trinity Series Standalone & A Holy Trinity/Enemy Series Standalone Crossover


When Saveria Fiore discovers that her family has been keeping a secret from her, her anger and hurt burst free, threatening everything. Though Francisco Benetti knows that she hates him, he's the only one that can rein her in before she destroys everything that the Benetti Crime Family has built.

When Posie Tinley finds herself at a crossroads, she ends up choosing a path that should scare the hell of her; however, it doesn't. When Killian Warrick finds out secrets about Posie Tinley that he has no business knowing, he can't wait to find out more. He also determined to be the hero that she never knew she needed.

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The Eastwood Series


Most people think that high school is too young to fall in love, but Samson Maddox, Ford Abram, Raiden Cruz, Duke Maddox, and Allister Brown disagree. When it's right, it's right, and when it's wrong, it's still right as far as these five guys are concerned. There's no determination on earth like that of a guy that's in love. 

Mackenzie Harden, Amelia Prescott, Charlie Harden, Willow Davis, and Rory Simmons are just your average females, trying to get through life the best way they know how. However, life becomes extremely complicated when they're caught in the crosshairs of the most determined guys that they've ever come across in their lives.


The Blackstone Prep Academy Duet


The Hale twins are at the top of the food chain at BPA. Heirs to the wealthiest family in the state, every student at BPA wants to be them or wants to be friends with them. However, when tragedy strikes, Grace Hale's priorities change, and life is no longer about  money or power. Life is now about making amends, especially when it comes to Stix Reinhart.

Sterling Hale is the guy that has it all, and he makes no apologies about it. However, with his sister on a new path in life, he does his best to help her find her way. While he doesn't feel the need to change his ways, his life does change after London Addison rocks his world one night. The downsides? London's his sister's best friend.


The Pieces Series


Life has a way of knocking you down, and even though you might get back up, scars are a real thing. For Mystic Anderson, Rowan Lewis, and Molly Cavanaugh, past wounds run deep enough to affect their present and future. Their ugly secrets are enough to know that Prince Charming isn't a possibility. However, the Dark Prince is.

Life isn't a fairytale, something that Cage Evans, Lorcan Cavanaugh, and Greyson Lewis know all too well. Still haunted by their pasts, moving forward is a lot harder than it seems. Though gorgeous, wealthy, and successful, none of those things matter when a piece of you is missing, and you have no idea how to get it back.


The Problem Series


Sayer, Nathan, and Gideon Hayes lead pretty charmed lives. Sayer is a firefighter, Nathan is a professional baseball player, and Gideon is a successful building contractor. Sure, their mother likes to meddle in their love lives, but it's not anything that they can't handle. At least, until their neighbors come into play.

Monroe Stewart, Andrea Miller, Echo Woodward have bigger issues than the sexy-as-hell neighbors they have. However, those sexy neighbors don't seem to care much. So, when the Sayer brothers insists on love, marriage, and a happily ever after, the women are extremely skeptical, especially since they live in the real world.


The Rýkr Duet


Avalon and Neve Lively knew that they were different, but they hadn't let that keep them from leading normal lives. So, when their eighteenth birthday nears, the twins are not prepared for the changes that are coming. Unsure of what it all means, their defenses are up with two strangers come to town, turning everything on its head.

Griffin and Easton Keenstone are Rýkr royalty, and with that comes responsibilities. Since birth, they've known what their futures held for them, and it was time to set the wheels in motion for what was to come. However, that's easier said than done when your future decides to fight you the entire way.


The Order of the Cronus Series


No one can deny that money and power make the world go round, and some have a lot more than others. When Stone Lexington, Ross Carmichael, Saxton Voss, and Fox Harrington finally get initiated into The Order of the Cronus, the organization realizes rather quickly that they might have gotten more than they had bargained for with these four.

When Riley Madden, Sutton Hadley, Hastings Martin, and Kincaid Black find themselves embroiled in a secret society that isn't supposed to exist, life become dangerously complicated in ways that they never expected. It doesn't help when everyone's own secret agendas are revealed and dead bodies start appear.


The Canvas Duet


The rules of work are simple; act respectful, remain professional, and don't ever get involved with any of your coworkers. Now, while Travis Hart and Cason Parker know this, when you work with two sexy spitfires, it's hard to remember the rules. When drama knocks on the front door of Canvas Tattoos, the rules are quickly forgotten.

When you work with two gorgeous, sexy, tatted-up gods, it's hard to remember that they're are off-limits. However, Vera Baker and Millie Houston aren't deaf, so the stories of anacondas and hours-long stamina are hard to ignore. When all hell breaks loose at the shop, that's not all that breaks loose, and thank God.


Coming in 2023

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Coming in 2023


Coming in 2023

Standalone Books


When Marcus and Emily Maxwell realize that they've been treating each other more like roommates than husband and wife, Marcus does everything that he can to remind his wife of just how much he adores her.

Nevertheless, things become complicate when secrets are reveals and old wounds are reopened. They realize that their marriage is more vulnerable than they thought, and it'll take both of them to rebuild it again.


When Callum Rosewood and Chloe Slater accidentally get pregnant, no one is happy about it. Even though they've been best friends since childhood, getting knocked up by your BFF hadn't been part of the plan.

When Callum insists that they get married, that's the first in a long line of mistakes that they both make. So, when tragedy strikes, they have two choices: to remember what it was like to be best friends, or remain enemies.


When you work for most evil person in existence, it's kind of hard to feel bad when she ends up dead at the hands of someone who really hated her. No one is sure whether to congratulate the person or send them to jail.

When Detective Theodore Marsden ends up with case, things go south quickly when he's questioning suspects, Callie Callows being one of them. She's also the hottest one-night stand that he's ever had.


Though Kade Montgomery and Raine Tyler never imagined that they'd ever have to experience war, when World War III breaks out, that's exactly what happens. Then it was time to pick up the pieces.

Doing their best to survive in this new world, when Kade and Raine cross paths, everything changes. However, just when they think that they can do this together, more enemies start popping out of the woodwork.


Fallon Reese is running from a threat that's been stalking her for years. Faced with flight or fight, she realizes that she's tired of running. It's time to confront the unknown face that refuses to give up.

Xander Raynes has a reputation for being good guy, the neighbor that always helps. However, things get off on a rocky start when he's asked to help out a stranger that can only bring danger to his door.


What happens when two heart-broken people end up at a bar together? A debate on who cheats more, women or men. When the debate turns into a battle of the sexes, the debate ends with a quick trip to a hotel room.

Three months later, Henley Everhart finds herself in a business meeting with Dash Weston when she had never expected to see him again. Still salty from how she had snuck out on him, Dash is ready for war.


Sia Meadows finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and she'd like to just forget that night, plus everyone that'd been there. No way was she going to let a cheating jerk ruin her Christmas cheer.

Archer Bentley never expected to see the beauty from the party again, but when he does, he refuses to pass up the chance to get to know her. So, when a deal is struck, it's harder than he thought to stick to the rules.


When Devi Westland finds herself having to save her brother again, she's left with little choice but to make a deal with the city's reigning king of the underworld. In way over her head, she still has no choice.


Cassius Sire is at the top of his game, and most people know better than to cross him. Both businessman and criminal, there's not much he can't do. So, when he agrees to help Devi, the price is the highest ever paid.


Roxanne Rafferty is a deaf nerd, but she's okay with that. She comes from a loving family, and her handicap has never slowed her down. She even has a crush on her school's football quarterback, though he doesn't know it.


Royce Cameron has it all. Popular, smart, handsome, and the school's quarterback , there's only one thing missing, and that's the pretty, sweet, deaf girl that's never looked his way. Still, he was up to the challenge.


Kimberly Gallagher is not afraid to go after love; her online dating profiles can attest to that. Though she's been disappointed too many times to count, she doesn't let it get her down. After all, love is worth it.

Jace Russell hasn't nothing against love, but Kimmy's online stories are enough to give him nightmares. When her latest match turns out to be another loser, Jace is done. It's finally time to show her what real love is.


Collins Armstrong works three jobs because life isn't always easy, and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. However, when she's chosen to work the VIP room at The Four Faces, that's when everything changes.


Evander Kendrick didn't believe in love at first sight, no matter what his brother claimed. However, when a business meeting has him in a VIP room at The Four Faces, love at first sight is a real possibility now.


Skylar McKay isn't a shy wallflower. Confident, direct, and assertive, she has no problem going after what she wants. Still, she hadn't ever expected to end up being friends-with-benefits with her sexy supervisor.

Landen Rush wasn't looking for love. He liked his life simple, even if he had a thing for the sexy maintenance clerk at work. When they agree to sex-only, he quickly finds out that simple is overrated.

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What happens when eight drunk friends end up in Las Vegas at a psychic palm readers place of business? Well, not the predictions or revenge that they'd been hoping for. Instead, they'd gotten a lot of craziness.

Eight holidays later, Madam Brousseau doesn't seem like such a crackpot after all. Still, it's a chaotic mess when you throw in a wayward goat, a bank robbery, the toilet paper roll test, and a whole bunch of other nonsense.


Keris Bishop has one weakness, and her parents have no problem exploiting that for financial gain. Still, some things are worth the sacrifice, and it isn't like she's not strong enough to handle whatever comes her way.

Brantley Kingston isn't the type of man to accept second place, so when an arranged marriage guarantees his top spot in the city, he has no problems agreeing to it. Still, nothing could have prepared him for his new wife.

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Haven Oslind's life is pretty perfect, and she actually considers being single a plus. Not eager to pick up a man's dirty underwear, her puppies are more than enough to satisfy her nurturing side.

Roman Scott's life is rather hectic, and while he's a red-blooded male with needs, fatherhood is his priority, so women are the last thing on his mind. At least, until he meets his pain-in-the-ass neighbor.


Mora Kamra has no complaints with life. Though things could have turned out differently, her adoptive parents had made sure to give her a good life. Nonetheless, all of that changes when she meets a mysterious stranger.

Kalon Dreven knows way more than he should, but he's also a realist and doesn't try to change the impossible. Acceptant of his fate, he's more than ready to for the woman that will change his entire world.

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