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If You Could Only See

His family's legacy was the only thing that had ever mattered to Mason Buchanan, but all of that changes when he's faced with something that he wants more. Her future is the only thing that matters to Shane Slaughter, but that future is quickly derailed when she meets a guy that's more powerful than she will ever be. Still, anything worth having is worth fighting for.


If You Could Only Imagine

His family's legacy was the most important thing in Aiden Buchanan's life, but when he finally takes his place at Buchanan Industries, his priorities quickly change. Her career had been hard-earned, so Denise Hart was willing to do anything to protect her professional reptation, including avoiding her boss at all costs. Still, it ends up being a lot harder than she'd expected.


If You Could Only Feel

His family's legacy was all that Gabriel Buchanan had ever had to work hard for, the rest of his life coming along just as easily as he had planned. Her life hadn't been an easy one, but Justice Hillman wasn't afraid to work hard for what she wanted, or even afraid to give up the one that thing she'd always wanted more than anything else. Still, her newfound freedom is quickly cut short.


If You Could Only Believe

His family's legacy was the only thing that Michael Buchanan had ever known, and it only mattered because of his loyalty to his brothers, nothing more. Her world was a small one, but Sophia Martella was fine with that because she'd learn early on that the world was a cruel one, so she was better off by herself. Still, that all changes when her new boss decides that she's his newest challenge.


If You Could Only Dream

As their family's legacy grows, Mason and Shane Buchanan are about to have the first child born to the next generation of Buchanans, and everyone is waiting on pins and needles as Shane gets ready to go into labor. However, all anyone can talk about is how cool, calm, and collected Mason Buchanan is losing his mind, and everyone but Mason finds it funny as hell.


The Buchanan Brothers Series

The Buchanan Brothers Series is a collective of books about four brothers and the four women that change their lives forever. With the determination of an army, nothing will stop these four men from going after what they want, or doing whatever it takes to win.

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