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Stone Lexington knew his exact place in the hierarchy, and it was at the top. Ready to join the next class of The Order of The Cronus, his opportunities were limitless. Rylee Madden was living the dream, and with only one year left of college, she planned on living the hell out of that year. However, all that changes when she catches the eye of the one guy that was way out of her league and who also had too many secrets to ignore.


Ross Carmichael was a U.S. Senator's son and the next in line to join The Order of the Cronus, an elite secret society that initiated only the most powerful men in the nation. Sutton Hadley was like every other normal college student, ready to tackle the world upon graduation. However, when her past comes back for a second chance at something that was over before it'd begun, she realizes just how naive she'd been.


Saxton Voss was one of the chosen ones of The Order of The Cronus, something that he'd always known and had spent his entire living preparing for. Hastings Martin was considered pretty high on the social ladder of wealth and privilege, so she really was living her best life. However,  that best life of hers changes course when she finds herself in the middle of the craziest shit that she'd ever heard.


Fox Harrington was one of the most powerful people on the planet, slated to take his place in The Order of The Cronus, making him that much more powerful. Kincaid Black feared little, and if there was ever a woman that could hold her own with the members of The Order of The Cronus, it was her. However, she's got secrets that no one knows about, and she'll do whatever it takes to protect those secrets.


Kincaid Black was as powerful as any member of The Order of the Cronus, and now that she had one foot in, she was determined to finally get her revenge. Fox Harrington knew what the future held for him, and once upon a time, it was all that he'd wanted and more. However, love had  a way of ruining the best of plans, and that's exactly what he's facing when he realizes that love is the ultimate addiction, not power.

The Order of the Cronus

The Order of the Cronus is a collective of books about four guys that are destined to join the most powerful secret society in the world, and each one of them knows exactly what they bring to the table. Still, none of them are prepared for the women that come into their lives, threatening to ruin it all.

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