Book 1  (Free)

Stone Lexington wasn’t one to back down from a fight, and everyone knows this. Everyone, except the only girl that he’s ever had to fight for. Still, it’s not like he knows how to lose.


Rylee Madden wasn’t looking for any complications in her life, so when she’s pulled into a web of games and deceit, her first instinct is to run. However, that’s not what she does, much to her dismay.

Book 2

Ross Carmichael wasn’t one to rush things; he had the patience of a saint. However, his patience is tested when the girl of his dreams begins to fight him at every turn. Still, he wasn’t about to give up.


Sutton Hadley wasn’t looking to revisit the past, no matter how sexy. She’s done her best to pick up the pieces and move on. However, little does she know, the past isn’t done with her.


Book 3

Saxton Voss wasn’t one to jump to conclusions, no matter the situation. He was a thinker, and he liked to assess the situation before reacting to it. Still, that doesn’t work when the situation is a woman.


Hastings Martin wasn’t looking for any drama in her life, so when she finds herself in the middle of some serious craziness, she’s completely shaken up. However, not shaken up enough to run the other way.

Book 4

Fox Harrington wasn’t one to follow, no matter who was leading. Always calling the shots, he’s not prepared for when someone else starts calling them. Still, it’s a battle he’s more than happy to wage.


Kincaid Black wasn’t looking to impress anyone, though she was impressive as hell. She’s as fearless as she is beautiful, but she doesn’t care. However, someone else cares, and he cares very much.


Book 5

Kincaid Black wasn’t one to experience fear. Raised to face any obstacle, any challenge, and any enemy that came her way, the girl feared nothing. Still, that didn’t mean that she was immune to love.


Fox Harrington wasn’t looking to get gutted a second time, but when he finds himself back inside the ring, it’s win or die trying. However, he hadn’t suspected there’d be a third option.

Complete Set

Typhon - Stone Lexington & Rylee Madden

Cerberus - Ross Carmichael & Sutton Hadley

Basilisk - Saxton Voss & Hastings Martin

Sphinx - Fox Harrington & Kincaid Black

Siren - Kincaid Black & Fox Harrington