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Samson Maddox's life was an easy one, and he knew how lucky he was to be blessed with all that he had, despite not having the one thing that he really wanted. Mackenzie Harden's life could be better, something that she was hoping for at her new school, though she knew better than to rely on hope too much. Nevertheless, everything changes when she meets the one boy that she really should stay away from.


Ford Abram's life was one that most people envy, and as the life of every party, no one would suspect that he's harboring a secret that he struggles with each day. Amelia Prescott's life had been the stuff of dreams until it wasn't anymore, and like all betrayed women, she was determined to get even at all costs. Nevertheless, the price that she ends up paying goes up when her bid for revenge comes back for more.


Raiden Cruz' life was one that he wouldn't trade for the world, and it wasn't a secret that he loved the fairer sex, something that most of the girls at school could attest to. Charlie Harden's life was mapped out to perfection, her future looking bright, despite the fact that her love life was complicated as hell. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop things from getting more complicated when she finally decides to walk away for good.


Duke Maddox's life was one that everyone should be lucky enough to have, even if no one really takes him seriously, something that he actually doesn't mind. Willow Davis' life was going just like she wanted it to, and if she can only stay invisible a little bit longer, then she can head to college with no worries. Nevertheless, someone else has other plans for her, and she has no idea what she's going to do about it.


Alistair Brown's life was looking up as he eagerly attended college, ready for this new chapter in his life, whatever it might bring, good or bad. Rory Simmons' life has had its ups and downs, but nothing that she hasn't been able to overcome, even the broken heart that she suffered in high school. Nevertheless, when her past meets her present, it's anyone's guess what will become of her future.

The Eastwood Series

The Eastwood Series is a collective of books about five friends that weren't ready for love, but are prepared to tackle it anyways. Luckily for them, they have what it takes to go up against the five stubborn females that are determined to fight them all the way.

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