Book 1 (Free)

Samson Maddox has it all, but there was a very important part still missing. When an opportunity presents itself, he goes for it with everything he has.


Mackenzie Harden knew it was time for a change. When her unfortunate circumstances force that change, she pushes forward and never looks back.

Book 2

Ford Abrams has a life that is easy and uncomplicated. However, when things end up a little more complicated than he's used to, he still doesn't run.


Amelia Prescott's life went from perfect to complicated in one night and it sucked. However, now she has to decide if she wants to complicate it even more.


Book 3

Raiden Cruz doesn't need to do anything but bask in his popularity and perfect life. However, things end up taking a dramatic turn and life isn't so perfect after all.


Charlie Harden knows her worth and is stronger than most girls her age. However, when her convictions are tested, she finds herself in for the fight of her life.

Book 4

Duke Maddox is the easygoing one. He enjoys life and people. Then, one night, that all changes when he finds himself determined and obsessed with an expected pleasure.


Willow Davis doesn't have time for drama. She is a good girl, through and through. Then, one night, that all comes to a screeching halt when she decides to take an unwise walk on the wild side.


Book 5

Alistair Brown is ready for the beginning of the rest of his life. However, life throws him a curve ball, and while unexpected, it's not a game he hasn't played before.


Rory Simmons just wants to live an unassuming life. However, those plans get derailed when she's hit in the face with a blast from the past.

Complete Set


Samson - Samson Maddox & Mackenzie Harden

Ford - Ford Abrams & Amelia Prescott

Raiden - Raiden Cruz & Charlie Harden

Duke - Duke Maddox & Willow Davis

Alistair - Alistair Brown & Rory Simmons