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Valley of the Kings

As the heir to the Sartori Crime Family, Nero Sartori knew what he wanted and knew exactly what it took to remain on top, something that he'd known since birth. Growing up, Kasen Milano had been able to make her own choice, one of those being to stay far away from the Mafia as possible. However, when a betrayal sparks a series of unfortunate events, it starts a war that can only have one victor.

Mountain of the Gods

As the consigliere to the Sartori Crime Family, Aurelio Provenza had more money, power, and status than one man should ever have, something that he was very aware of. Growing up, Savina Valentine had wanted more out of life than what she'd been offered, so she went out to get it herself. However, when desperation collides with old wounds, secrets are exposed, and it ends up being a bloody fight to the finish.

The Sartori Syndicate Duet

The Sartori Syndicate Duet is a collective of books that tell the story of the two most powerful men in the Italian Mafia and the two women that change everything for them. While the men might think that they have everything under control, the women do their best to prove them wrong.

Monsters in the Dark

Coming in 2024!

Creatures in the Night

Coming in 2024!

The O'Brien Syndicate Duet

Coming in 2024!

Ghosts of the Past

Coming in 204!

Demons of the Future

Coming in 2024!

The Kotov Syndicate Duet

Coming in 2024!

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