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Our Broken Pieces

Mystic Anderson is damaged, but had no reason to be. Struggling to understand why she's the way that she is, one thing helps, and it's the worst thing for her.  Gage Evans has problems, but none more than his obsession with a girl that he can't live without. However, when their secret comes out and they're separated, even ten years apart doesn't change what was always supposed to have been.

Our Cracked Pieces

Rowan Lewis is trouble, though not on purpose. With every day a fight to make sure that she remains stronger than her past, it's not always an easy thing for her. Lorcan Cavanaugh has the perfect life, except for the guilt that he carries around from his past, something that he can't seem to shake. However, when the two of them come together, the secrets of the past no longer stay in the past.

Our Shattered Pieces

Molly Cavanaugh is empty, something that no one would ever suspect. She's the envy of everything that knows her, but if they only knew the truth. Grayson Lewis had only one dark spot in his otherwise perfect life, but it was dark enough to haunt him daily, even all these years later. However, when the two of them finally meet, they'll either heal each other or make things so much more worse.

The Pieces Series

The Pieces Series is a collective of books about three women that don't know if they're the heroines or the villains in their stories, and aren't entirely sure if they want to find out. However, the heroes in their stories are wondering the same thing, but they also don't seem to care either way.

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