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Facing the Enemy

As Emerson Andrews' life is turned upside down by the murder of her mother, she's forced to go live with her aunt, and she's not prepared for what goes on inside the walls of Windsor Prep. The second that Ramsey Reed sets his eyes on the new girl, it's clear that she needs a lesson in how things are done in Sands Cove. However, little does Ramsey know, Emerson isn't like other girls.

Engaging the Enemy

As Roselyn Bell is still trying to find her place in the world of the rich, it doesn't help that her mother is never around, or that she looks and dresses like a crayon box exploded. The second that Liam McCellan finds himself in the weird girl's bedroom, he becomes obsessed with her, refusing to give her up for anything. However, little does Liam know, there's more to Roselyn that people know.

Battling the Enemy

As Delaney Martin looks to her future, she never expects her plans to come unraveled in the form of a guy that shouldn't even know that she exists. The second that Deke Marlow finds the beautiful wallflower in his crosshairs, all bets are off, and he doesn't care if she supposedly belongs to someone else. However, little does Deke know, it won't be Delaney that ends up begging on her knees.

Provoking the Enemy

As Ava Hill continues to live her life wildly, having no regard for the rules, she's hellbent on living her life her way, and she dares anyone to try to stop her. The second that Ace McIntire finds himself staring into the face of the most beautiful spitfire that he's ever seen, it's game on for the one thing that he probably shouldn't want. However, little does Ace know, Ava's a lot more than meets the eye.

Provoking the Enemy

Twenty years after he first laid eyes on her, Ramsey Reed is still trying to give Emerson Andrews everything that she deserves in life, including a wedding that he had cheated her out of when they'd been eighteen. Now, surrounded by all their family and friends, Ramsey is doing his best to make sure that Emerson still doesn't regret giving him the second change that he hadn't deserved.

The Enemy Series

The Enemy Series is a collective of books about when young adults have too much money, power, and status. When the guys are used to having everything their way, it's a serious battle of the wills when the girls in their lives refuse to conform.


Resurrecting the Enemy (Next Generation Standalone)

Ramsey Reed Jr. came from a family powerful enough that people stayed out of his way, and he preferred it that way since he didn't suffer fools gladly. Lake Warren was just a regular girl that liked to stay out of the way because drama wasn't something that she enjoyed. Nevertheless, when she ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time, staying out of the way is no longer an option for her.

Resisting the Enemy

Dash Marlow wielded his last name like a weapon, and he also wasn't afraid to do whatever it takes to get his way, something that was well-known. Eden Rudolph was ready to start her new chapter in life, leaving all her high school drama in the past where it belonged. Nevertheless, when her past decides to follow her into her new future, she realizes just how futile running had been.

Confronting the Enemy

Chance McCellan wasn't one to shy away from the perks of his wealth, status, or power, something that he never apologized for, though he did have one regret. Harper Crosby preferred living her life unseen and unheard, satisfied with her small circle of friends. Nevertheless, when she's seen by the school's biggest playboy, she realizes that she's never been as invisible as she'd thought.

Fighting the Enemy

Maddox Reed had more money, status, and power than any one person needed, but he was always on the lookout for more, and he always got it. Cassidy Spears was a good girl, and if she had any faults, it was that she was loyal to those that didn't always deserve it. Nevertheless, when that loyalty lands her in hot water, she's forced to make a deal with the devil, and what a devil he is.

Challenging the Enemy

Crew Marlow was as close to a sociopath as you could get without a diagnosis, and everyone knew it, though no one was brave enough to do anything about it. Athena Ashford has had to deal with a lot, but nothing more nerve wracking then finally returning home. Nevertheless, when her past rises up to greet her, she's left with little choice but to face it head on or leave again.

Daring the Enemy

Delaney McIntire Jr. knew her worth, and with a powerful last name and an army of siblings at her back, there was very little that she was afraid of. Kadon Sharpe knew better than to go near the elite of the school, something that everyone knew not to do. Nevertheless, that all changes when he finds himself in a situation that he can't get out of and isn't even sure that he wants to.

The Enemy Next Generation Series: 1

The Enemy Next Generation Series 1 is a collective of books about the next generation of Reeds, McCellans, and Marlows. In a world where money, status, and power are limitless, this new generation of ruthlessness aren't afraid to go after what they want and do so without hesitation.


Enticing the Enemy

Neo McCellan had the world at his fingertips, so the last thing that he needed to do was prove himself to anyone for any reason. Seneca Cabot was a bit over-ambitious, but she had a lot to prove to the world, and nothing was going to stop her from reaching her goals. However, her plans get derailed when she finds herself going up against the one guy that she really should avoid.

Taunting the Enemy

Zane Marlow makes no apologies for how he lives his life, and with his last name as powerful as it is, that's the last thing that anyone expects him to do. Scarlett Kramer does her best to mind her own business, but that doesn't always work out for her as it should. However, when the worst humiliation of her life earns her a new enemy in her life, she's no longer able to stay under the radar.

Silencing the Enemy

Gideon McCellan isn't like other people his age, and because of who his family is, he has the luxury of not caring what other people thought of him. Piper Marshall had more responsibility than a girl her age should, but she'd do it all over again if given the chance. However, one chance encounter changes the entire trajectory of her life, and she has no idea if that's a good thing or not.

Controlling the Enemy

Maggie McIntire is the powerhouse that every girl wants to be, and it's because she can easily back up her take-no-prisoners attitude. Logan Masters likes to keep things simple, and the last thing that he needs is high-maintenance females in his life. However, he doesn't get much of a choice when he's ambushed by a heel-wearing force of nature that he has no idea what to do with.

Playing the Enemy

Lennon Marlow fears nothing, and her reputation for being brutal and ruthless was well-earned, most people being wise enough to stay out of her way. Camden Prince was confident enough to be able to hold his own, even when the odds were stacked against him. However, when he comes across a creature that is a combination of Heaven and Hell, the odds are no longer in his favor.

The Enemy Next Generation Series: 2

The Enemy Next Generation Series 2 is a collective of books about the next generation of Reeds, McCellans, and Marlows. In a world where money, status, and power are limitless, this new generation of ruthlessness aren't afraid to go after what they want and do so without hesitation.


Embracing the Enemy (Next Generation Standalone Crossover)

Posie Tinley has a past that she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy, but though years of hard work and determination, she's a lot stronger for it. Killian Warrick was not quite the generous philanthropist that the world saw, his dark secrets hidden well. However, when he comes across the one woman that he can't stay away from, those dark secrets come to light, changing everything.

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