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Avalon Lively knew that she was different, but had still always followed the rules. However, as her eighteenth birthday nears, all the rules begin to change. Griffin Keenstone had been raised knowing his place in the world, and like all his ancestors before him, accepted his fate eagerly. So, when the time finally comes for the next generation of Rykr to step up, it's anyone's guess of what will happen next.


Neve Lively knew that she was different, but never cared to know why. However, with new strange events happening as her eighteenth birthday nears, she can't ignore it any longer. Easton Keenstone had spent his whole life fighting against his destined fate, unlike his brother. So, when it's time for them to take their rightful places in Rykr, things don't go as smoothly as they were supposed to.

The Rykr Duet

The Rykr Duet is a collective of books about the city of Rykr and the power of its people. As the heirs to the throne are prepared to do what's needed for their people's future, the girls that fate has chosen for them have no idea what's coming or why.

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