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Catching Avery

When Avery Ellis agrees to a girls' night out, the last thing that she's expecting is to run into one of her bosses, Nicholas Savage. Even more, when he pretends to be her husband to keep other men from hitting on her, she's really thrown for a loop, not sure what his game is. Little does she know, like everything else in Nicholas' life, when he plays, he's playing for keeps.

Chasing Quinn

When Quinn Erikson plans a girls' night out, she never imagined that her bosses would show up, in particular, Chase Alexander. When he ends up throwing the company's conduct policy out the window, she finds herself constantly reminding herself that he's nothing but a player. Little does she know, Chase isn't after her for anything less than the rest of her life.

Claiming Isabella

When Isabella DeLucci joins her friends on a girls' night out, she's absolutely fascinated when their bosses crash their little party. Feeling adventurous because they're not her bosses, when Julian Moretti makes his interest in her clear, she takes him up on his offer. However, everything changes when Julian makes it clear that he's in it for the long haul and not just a one-time thing.

Conquering Kam

When Kamala Edwards' job interview goes from bad to horrible, she's fine if she never sees Kane Alexander ever again. A total jerk, she'd rather work five jobs than give the man another second of her time. Granted, despite her convictions, Kane makes her an offer that she can't refuse, and when their professional relationship becomes personal, it's anyone's guess after that.

Capturing Happiness

It's Trystan Alexander's wedding day,  and he and his fiancé want nothing more than to just have the ceremony go off without a hitch. However, twenty years later, his uncles still can't keep their hands off their wives, so when most of the wedding party goes missing because his uncles have problems, there's only one thing left for Trystan to do; go check on his lovely bride.

The Seven Deadly Sins Series

The Seven Deadly Sins Series is a collective of books about four men and the four women that make them all earn their happily-ever-afters.

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