Book 1 (Free)

When Sayer Hayes gets a look at his new neighbor, he doesn’t care that she might be older, has a teenage daughter, or a jerk of an ex. All he cares about is how she makes him feel.


When Monroe Stewart gets a look at her new neighbor, she can’t help but blush every time she thinks of him. However, the man is four years younger than she is, and that’s a little too young for her liking.

Book 2

When Nathan Hayes meets his new neighbors, his focus should be on the eight-year-old misguided sports fanatic instead of the boy’s mother. There’s also the fact that she thinks he’s crazy.


When Andrea Miller meets her new neighbor, she is unimpressed with the fact that he’s a baseball phenom. However, that doesn’t seem to put a dent in how he feels about her.


Book 3

When Gideon Hayes finally notices his new neighbor, he can’t help but cringe. After all, thanks to a case of mistaken identity, they’ve already met. Still, even if she does hate him, he doesn’t feel the same.


When Echo Woodward finally notices her new neighbor, she seriously considers packing up and moving again. Not her favorite person in the world, the plan is just to ignore him. He has other plans, though.

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The Problem with Fire - Sayer Hayes & Monroe Stewart

The Problem with Sports - Nathan Hayes & Andrea Miller

The Problem with Dating - Gideon Hayes & Echo Woodward