Book 1  

Vera Baker has a crush on her boss, but it becomes so much more when she finds out why he’s called Ana. Now, it’s all that she can do to not climb Travis Hart like a spider monkey.


Travis Hart has always had a thing for his receptionist, but he knows better than to get involved with an employee, no matter how tempting. Now, if he can just keep convincing himself of that.

Book 2

Millie Houston might have a thing for her coworker, but considering his reputation, she knows better than to ignore all of Cason Parker’s red flags. However, it’s hard to resist a bad boy that’s a good man.


Cason Parker might have a reputation as a ladies’ man, but he’s secretly been in love with his coworker, Millie Houston, for years. However, it’s getting harder and harder to keep it secret.


Complete Duet

His Masterpiece - Travis Hart & Vera Baker

His Showpiece - Cason Parker & Millie Houston