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In Enemy Territory

After being tormented by Damien Greystone all throughout her childhood, Fiona Eldstead is finally free from him upon their high school graduation. However, when Damien reappears in her life ten years later, she's not prepared for his insane demands, or how she has no choice but to agree. Though she believes it's just another sick game of his, Damien's intentions are far more permanent that she could ever fathom.

On Enemy Ground

After years of viewing William Creston as the enemy by association, Victoria McGrath doesn't give him another thought after their high school graduation. However, when William pops back up into her life again, a drunken error in judgement makes him the best one-night-stand of her life. Though she's fine with leaving the past in the past, William has other plans when it comes to the woman that hates him.

The Enemy Duet

The Enemy Duet is a collective of books that tells the stories of two men that are still fixated on their high school obsessions, even ten years later.

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