Book 1

What happens when your demons come back for more?


Well, if you’re Fiona Eldstead, you end up on the receiving end of an arrangement that’s destined to ruin your life. Probably not the wisest decision that she’s ever made, but she’s left with little choice. Especially, when that same demon that haunts her refuses to back down.

Book 2

What happens when the enemy comes back for more?


Well, if you’re Victoria McGrath, you end up having a one-night stand that doesn’t seem to want to stay a one-night stand. Probably not the smartest thing that she’s ever done, but it’s hard to regret fantastic sex. Especially, when that same enemy doesn’t really seem like an enemy any longer.


Complete Duet

In Enemy Territory - Damien Graystone III & Fiona Eldstead

On Enemy Ground - William Creston & Victoria McGrath